Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MidWeek Mention - Fit for a King

Want to celebrate the Royal Wedding in style but have nothing to wear?  Here is the answer to your dilemma: Royal Wedding Commemorative Condoms.  The perfect thing for that big knight when, as the ad copy says, you “lie back and think of England.”  

 Perfect for all occasions, whether you’re planning a simple “bucket and spade” holiday or are out looking for new empires to conquer, these are the condoms you need.  Like the SAS, they will provide cover when you’re going in hot…

What?  An analogy too far?

And I thought I had gone over the top by buying a commemorative tea cup.

The Crown Jewels website:

An article about them:


  1. Well, since Willy can mean a male appendage, the connection isn't hard to follow.:)

  2. Oh Lord. Now I am wondering why my husband wanted to get a TV for our bedroom to watch the Royal Wedding....maybe it's not just because it's at 6am here.

  3. I can rest easy knowing the kind of people buying these aren't trying to breed.


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