The Books

Rules Britannia is an invaluable resource for Americans who want to make a smooth transition when visiting or relocating to the UK. This entertaining and practical insider's guide contains scores of established do's and don’ts that only a Brit would know.
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More Postcards From Across the Pond, released in May 2011, is a continuation of his humorous chronicles. Now a season veteran of expat life, and no longer baffled by simple tasks such as mailing a letter or buying shoelaces, Harling, turns his eye toward the minutiae of daily life and the foibles that challenge his sanity both as a newly minted British citizen and as a human being. More Postcards From Across the Pond is a chronicle, not so much about what divides us, but what makes us the same.
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Postcards From Across the Pond" began as a means of keeping in touch with the folks back in the States, but it soon expanded into a humorous commentary on British life by an accidental expat.
"A lovely, quixotic, affectionate attempt to bring together those 'two nations separated by a common language.' A must for travellers in both directions." -- Gordon Astley, BBC Southern Counties presenter.
For more about the book, visit Postcards From Across the Pond.