Write For Us

Do you want to be part of a legend in the making? Do you want to be able to tell your grandchildren, "I was there at the beginning, I got involved, I made a difference!" Well, good for you! But aside from that, would you like to write for us?

If you're an expat, or someone who has visited the UK or the US, or someone who just wants to, if you have something to say about life in your host country and its inherent differences, difficulties or unanticipated joy, let us know.

You can be one side of the traditional Pond Parley pro/con posts, submit to an interview, or do a guest post then, by all means, contact us. Send your request or idea to mhmail55-mt AT yahoo.com. We'd love to hear from you.

As a bonus, you'll have the exclusive privilege (optional, naturally) of adding the "I also write for Pond Parleys" button to your web site. And, of course, link it to us. Now you could, I suppose, simpley take this button and claim you wrote for Pond Parleys, but that would be wrong.