Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Now that Donal Trump is threatening  thinking about running for the White House next year (I know, I know - don't get me started), the birther question has arisen again. It could only happen in America.


We have a bunch of ignorant racists over here who claim that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii (the 50th state) and therefore, he legally cannot be President. Quite where he was supposedly born is not clear, but you know, his father was Kenyan and Barak did a lot of traveling when he was growing up, so he must have been born outside of the States. Oh, and he has dark skin.
The argument centers round the certification of live birth that proves his birthplace. Despite the fact that many people in the US have these, and the originals are kept in official offices, The Donald and his minions are calling for the long form birth certificate. CNN and many other news organisations have viewed and verified the original document, Hawaiian officials have all confirmed Obama's story, but that's not good enough. He still wasn't born in Hawaii.

Here's a fine example of their twisted logic. The Donald is asking why no one at the hospital remembers delivering Obama. Hmmm...let me think. They probably deliver quite a few babies every day, and back in 1961 Obama didn't come out as a president in the making; he was just another baby. And given that he turns 50 this year, many of the staff on duty then have probably gone on to that big delivery room in the sky. The current governor of Hawaii however, was a friend of Obama's parents and claims to remember the birth and the celebrations. Not good enough for Trump, who doubts the governor can remember because it was 50 years ago. What? 


Birthers?  Apparently my former countrypersons have gone barkers.

That said, the fact that the British are, as of this writing, happy to limit their speculation of Prince Harry’s heritage to a handful of “Harry is the love child of Princess Diana and James Hewitt” conspiracy theorist, is likely due to the fact that, as of this writing, it doesn’t matter.

If the unthinkable happened, and Harry was suddenly in line for the throne, would the British public rise as one and demand to know if he was really king material?  Or would they yawn and go back to complaining about the new tax on alcohol?

I’m afraid all we can do is speculate.  While there is a small, but practically unnoticed, group who think that this is, perhaps, likely, they have no reason—and, apparently, no real desire—to make a lot of noise about it.  It would stand to reason, however, that should the occasion arise, their numbers might increase and they could rouse the rabble enough to cause a constitutional crisis, or at least get a few more people bothered about who might, or might not, be ascending to the throne.  But would these people be so rude as to demand a paternity test on the Prince?  Again, we can’t know.

But assuming they did, and assuming the Royal Family complied, it would, as in the States, do little good.  Those who did not believe would continue to scoff even in the face of facts, so proving it one way or the other, in either the US or the UK, is totally moot.

Besides, the UK, like the US or any other self-serving government—would cover up any and all evidence that would prove the detractor’s to be correct.

That’s not to insinuate that they are right, I’m just saying…
Like daddy, like son?  You decide...


  1. those 'birthers' make me ashamed to be an American!

  2. It's just so ridiculous, isn't it. If they were actually criticising him on policy, it would be one thing, but to make this the big issue...well, it beggars belief really.

  3. I don't care where Obama was born. He's been a disaster as President.

  4. Oh, I don't know. After 8 years of Bush, I'm just relieved to have somebody who isn't embarrassing us every time he opens his mouth.

  5. I think what republicans saying is wright so why most of the Americans chose him as their president.

  6. I guess we are all a mish mash of the different cultures who invaded our tiny island (England) in the past. But most of them were of similar skin colour, thats all.
    It is quite ridiculous to worry about where someone came from and what colour their skin is. It is how competent the person is and how likeable he/she is that matters.

    As regards the prince...... mmmmmmmmhhhh! There is a resemblance. Coincidental? Say no more!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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