Sunday, April 10, 2011

Royal Wedding - Buzz or Bust?

With THE wedding looming, we're taking a look at reactions on either side of the Pond.


Well they’re all going bonkers about the Wedding over here. At least the media people are. Although I’ve been booked to do a TV segment on April 27th talking about the wedding and all things royal, not one of my friends or acquaintances has actually sought my opinion.

And of course, everyone’s cashing in wherever they can. Take British Airways with its Royal Wedding Package. (Now then, get your minds out of the gutter.) and their promise -  “Share in the excitement and splendour as a nation and the whole world celebrates the Royal Wedding”. Well then.

And for American Royal Watchers who can’t make the trip over, the TLC tv channel has it covered: Starting early morning on Friday, April 29, TLC is culminating the network's week-long event of Royal Wedding programming (89 hours of coverage) with a live production event and viewing party from Times Square. …Starting first thing in the morning, guests will join TLC talent and celebrity contributors to celebrate the big day, as they watch the wedding live on jumbotrons and take part in various on-site activities including a SAY YES TO THE DRESS fashion show featuring past favorites from the show and the on-site weddings of three lucky couples.

(I may get up just to see if they're wearing fake tiaras and ermine.)
"This is without question the most widely anticipated wedding in a generation," ITV Studios America President and CEO Paul Buccieri commented.

So there you have it. If they’re not feeling the lurve in the UK, the happy couple can always hop the Pond and get it in shed loads here.


I wouldn’t say there is overwhelming apathy for the Royal Wedding, but there is a certain lack of pizzazz associated with the event.  The idea that the streets will be closed for neighbourhood parties and that everyone will string up bunting and celebrate the day along with the happy couple seems to have been conjured up by people who remember such things happening on V-E and are naïvely over-optimistic about them happening again.

Plus, I believe a percentage of people (or a certain demographic) feel they are being manipulated:  the economy is crumbling, pay is down, costs are up, unemployment is rampant and suddenly a wedding conveniently materializes.  Was this to take people’s minds off the state of the Nation and/or to avoid a conflict with the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee?

People celebrated V-E Day a bit more enthusiastically
than they are likely to celebrate The Wedding

But it is here, and ubiquitous.  It’s in the papers, on the telly, in the stores; I just don’t find people talking about it quite as much as on our recent visit to the States.  While we were there, everyone wanted to know about the upcoming nuptials.  But then, we had just arrived from Britain so we might have the latest gossip.  Sadly, there was little we could tell them; we’re not invited, and that’s about all I know about the event.

So, come the day, there will be some celebrations and bunting stringing, but frankly, most people are simply looking forward to the day off.  


  1. I was glad to read this post. It confirmed what I was thinking about the Royal Wedding from both sides of the pond, only you two say it much better! The picture of the ring made me laugh out loud though. The one and only RW trinket I have bought is an imitation of that ring. At Morrison's grocery store no less for 3 pounds! I didn't get the matching necklace though.
    Originally we were going to stay outside of London and try to go in to see the Wedding Procession, but then when we realized all that would involve we decided to go to St. Ives instead!

  2. I've been asked by everyone from hairdressers to shop assistants whether I'm 'excited' about the wedding. I can't say I am excited, but I will be watching it - it will be a spectacle, and although I'm not really a Royals fan I do quite like Prince William. In New York, there are all kinds of events going on including a special Royal wedding breakfast at the Plaza Hotel. I won't be there - I'll be in bed with a pot of tea instead!

  3. I've grown a bit bored with it as well. I think with so much going on in the world, so much turmoil and people struggling financially and in other ways, talking about things like whether or not Wills will wear a ring seems silly. I'm sure I'll watch the ceremony and it will be exciting but then we need to get on with things, things that really matter.

  4. I feel like the media is trying to force an American interest in the Royal Wedding. At least more so than there actually is. I only know of one person genuinely excited to sit down and watch all the coverage. A few of my friends loved the ring and Kate's dress and want to buy those, but I'm pretty sure they're not going to bother to go out of their way to watch.

  5. Living in London, I've learned more about the royal wedding from American E! News than anywhere.

  6. It's just a happy occasion. I've been quite surprised by the reaction in the USA and all the media interest. I'm looking forward to joining the celebration and the people that want to shit all over it and complain - they can go ahead and do that - I'm going to have a good time! There's always more important things going on in the world - but that doesn't make events like this pointless and not worth celebrating.

  7. Weird--here in New Mexico, all I've heard about the wedding has come from the BBC or from expat blogs or from little tiny back page filler articles in the newspaper. I haven't heard anyone mention it in conversation at all.

  8. Here in Iowa the only people excited about it are the media, BBC, and entertainment channels. I guess everyone is too worried about the economy and our own lives. It is a happy occassion, but isn't every wedding?

  9. Most people over here don't bother too much. There will be some street parties and of course the day off school/work.
    I personally hope it works out as the Royal family are not renowned for good, lasting marriages in the younger generation that is.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Have you seen the film that someone is making about all of this? (straight to dvd, of course)

    I had to watch through my fingers because it was making me cringe so much...

  11. I think it's already been on TV here. Tis a bit cringy-worthy isn't it?

  12. Here in Seattle I've seen a few magazines dedicated to the happy couple, but I haven't heard anybody bring it up in conversation. I'd like to say that I'm completely uninterested and above it all, but my husband did have to pull me away from those few magazines and the "All About Kate" special I spotted in the grocery store this evening. I'm a sucker for a good royal wedding I suppose.

  13. I am really excited about the big day - we will go to a tea party to watch the big event, and then head home for our street party. I think it is a huge privilege to be here. And I think there is great buzz about the wedding here. I just love weddings

  14. in my social and work circle it has not been mentioned at all. I gues biotech professionals in the Bay Area really don't give a jot about it!

    In fact it was only when chatting to an Irish woman at the playground this weekend that i realized when the actual date of it was! I probably won't be able to watch it since I'll be at work, which is a shame. I'm sure I can catch some footage on youtube.


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