Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair Today...

This week, thanks to The Donald and Oprah, we take a look at politicians and their hair.


You may have heard that the Donald is considering a run for the Presidency in 2012.

Not content with everyone laughing at his hair, they can now laugh at his gigantic ego too. One person who has voiced her horrification publicely is Oprah Winfrey who apparently said "You can't run for President looking like that?" and has offered him a makeover (on her show of course) in May. What that woman won't do for publicity is hard to imagine, but that's a whole nuther blog post.

I, on the other hand, am thinking that he'll fit right in with American politicians. In the recent past we've had the coiffed locks of disgraced wannabee Prez, John Edwards......

As well as that of disgraced former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagoyavich.
(Yes, it's real and usually doesn't appear to have any "product" on it either.)

Not quite sure where it all went wrong as Abe Lincoln was seriously rocking the original bed head look

Indeed, the only one who seems not to have become too pre-occupied with his "do" is the President himself. Oh wait, I think I spoke too soon!


Politicians?  Hair?  Two words...

Boris Johnson:
'nuff said 


  1. You guys,THAT was hysterical!

    Toni, I thought Oprah always kept her nose out of politics? Oh, that's right, unless it involves Obama or anyone who might be running against him? Just sayin'.

  2. Okay, I am not personally acquainted with Boris Johnson, but I can say that he looks like a man who is secure with who he is - or else he's given up on his hair. :-)

    And who the heck is Oprah to be talking about a makeover?? Miss Insecurity herself, always changing before our very eyes. (as opposed to our NOT very eyes, I guess)

  3. Brilliant post, yes agree with Cranberry Morning, of all of them Boris just looks ruffled and brainy and not really caring about his hair. The rest look like they're constantly stroking poking and patting their dos, which having a teen, is exactly what they all do compulsively. Don't know what that means exactly, that next my 13 year old is running for office? Vote for Harley. I always wanted to be Queen Mother - or First Mother. Or something...

  4. !!! Boris does take the biscuit, eh. Wonder what he looks like straight out of bed in the morning. The same, I should think. x

  5. Boris's hair always reminds me of my four year olds, when he needs a haircut and I haven't combed it. Says it all, really...

  6. Is it just me or does Boris look like the albino from Princess Bride?

  7. I thought that was a very kind photo of Boris there to be fair. Looks fairly presentable as long as he keeps his mouth shut.

  8. So true. I have seldom watched the Oprah show. She's never been on my +list.
    Love the picture of POTUS with Alaskan hair. Not that she is running, but FLOTUS with her hat-wig would have fit right in with these folks.
    Gotta' love our Boris - he's a hoot!


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