Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MidWeek Mention - How Americans See Themselves

Just thought you'd love this map. We found it on an interesting blog called The Quiet Rage.

It's called - "How Americans See Themselves".

Click map for larger image.


  1. whoa - maybe I've been away from the States for too long, but I don't know WHERE they got those from! Clearly it's time for a trip back to the motherland :)

  2. Some of that is rubbish. It may be what OTHERS think of states other than their own but Chicago is Nothingness? And we NEVER mention Ben Franklin here in Pa except in history class. It would be closer to call it Amish country. We're known more for the Amish. I do think New England is like little Britain which is why I love it, but not sure they think of themselves that way. Japan pointing to Hawaii cracks me up though.

  3. I don't know Smitten - the mid west can be a bit vanilla when compared to other parts of the States, and they are very aware of that Heartland thing.
    I don't really know where it came from, so obviously anyone can sit down and doodle ...Hey? Why not do one ourselves?

  4. There are some other variations on this--always a laugh. Here is a link to one from a Texan point of view:

  5. I think its more how Americans see other states rather than how they see themselves. My fav here is Iowa, hicks and gays y'all.

  6. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought about this one way, way too seriously ;-)

    I think that the off-putting thing is that the stereotypes are coming from too many perspectives. (Unlike the classic New Yorker cover: or this one: ) There are lots of Americans who think South=Klan or NY=Gays, but almost no one thinks both of those things. And no one thinks Texas=Mexico, except for Mexicans, who, historically, kind of have a point.

    The ones that ring true to me are Bigfoot, Hicks and Same Goddamn State. I'm sure that it's a complete coincidence that those are all places I've never visited!

    Just some ramblings from a native of Useless, now in the heart of Nothing...

  7. OMG that is hysterical and probably more accurate than some want to admit. I tell ya I am happy to be a 'hick' when I look at the choices lol!!

  8. That might be the worst of those maps that I've seen. It makes no sense from any American perspective I can think of, nor from a European one. One floated around a while back about how Americans see Europe, and it was much more accurate, and cutting.
    Macha, re "And no one thinks Texas=Mexico, except for Mexicans, who, historically, kind of have a point." No, they don't, any more than England would have a point thinking the original States=England, or Spain in thinking Mexico=Spain.

  9. Sigh. I really just meant to refer to the historical fact that Texas was once a piece of Mexico, a fact most likely to be remembered (and pointed out) in Mexico, but I can see how my ramblings could be read as a present day political opinion.
    Apologies for any raised blood pressure- I should know better than to mess with Texas.

  10. Very funny. Technically, I'm from Mexico according to this map. Not sure of the accuracy but the sentiment is hysterical


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