Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MidWeek Mention - Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

What with the wedding coming up in little over a month, we thought we'd bring you a project you'll be able to finish just in time:-

Get yer knitting needles out and Knit Your Own Royal Wedding with author and knitter Fiona Goble.

Figures include the Royal family members, the Archibishop of Canterbury and the corgis, which are apparently the most difficult to knit because their legs are so small. Each character takes about five hours to knit and it's not really something that beginners should tackle because the patterns are intricate.

OK, so guess who this is:


  1. This is the funniest thing I've seen for ages. Funny as in ha-ha, and funny as in peculiar. Both.

    He looks like Postman Pat, but I don't think Pat was related to the royals, so I'm guessing Prince Harry.

  2. Wow, that is really something! I can't imagine spending the time making these.

    I'd love for you to hop over and leave a comment on my blog today. I'm interested in your opinion.

  3. That is completely hilarious. Who's the blonde in pink do you think?

  4. I think it's meant to be Camilla P-B!

  5. That's hilarious! I featured it on my blog too

  6. Iota, my first thought was that it looked like Postman Pat too.

    I'm kind of glad I don't knit, or I'd be tempted to make a voodoo Corgi.

  7. My daughter knits... I bought the book so she can knit them for me. I haven't seen anything so adorably hilarious in ages.


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