Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here Comes Summer

This post was inspired by a great post at Grumpy Old Woman's blog. Toni's talking about the US and Mike chat's about the UK:

  1. Mosquitoes
  2. Complete change of wardrobe. (Yay - no more ski jackets and snow boots.)
  3. Al fresco dining - 90% of the time
  4. Mosquitoes
  5. Air conditioning
  6. 3 months off school - (double edged sword)
  7. Mosquitoes
  8. Outdoor concerts, movies, street festivals, farmers' markets, - everything
  9. Beach life
  10. Mosquitoes

  1. Rain.
  2. White wobbly bits that were never mean to see the light of day and, for the love of all that is Holy, should be forever kept from public view.
  3. The day the complaint goes from “it’s too cold” to “it’s too hot” with hardly a breath in between.
  4. Fetching young ladies who, for the sake of my heart’s health, should be forced to wear an overcoat.
  5. Three consecutive days of 80 degree heat.
  6. Rain.
  7. More boisterous than usual chucking out times (nothing too serious in our quiet little town, usually just some singing and merriment as they wend their way homeward).
  8. Late nights in the beer garden.
  9. Subway cars that feel like the inside of a kiln. 
  10. Rain.


  1. So depending on whether you are in England or USA, there is a choice of rain or mosquitoes!
    Er... I think I'll pick rain.
    Yeah..... the white wobbly bits should be hidden, I agree.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. @SomethingAwesomeThisWayComes: Thanks for the heads up. The offending post has been sent to SPAM hell; I removed your comment as well because it referred to it and I don't even want a mention of the name/subject on the blog.

  3. Just realized something I miss from summertime in America: deviled eggs.

  4. @Culturally Discombobulated: I guess I'm a bit culturally discombobulated as well ;)

  5. Having just returned from a visit to the US I find I have to agree most strongly with Toni on points 1,4,7 & 10.

    for 56 years I have been immune to any kind of insect bite and always believed that I must not taste nice or something because even Scottish midges ignored me, and I lightly joked whilst in Michigan that their Mosquitoes must not like "foreign food" hahaha but......

    In a 10 minute period outside in the garden - I got over 20 bites and came up in lumps at each one and still have slight marks over 3 weeks later.

  6. Totally agree on the mosquitoes.

    We've already given up on al fresco dining in the evening - after discovering that mosquitoes CAN bite through jeans.

    That is one thing I won't miss when we eventually go back to England.

  7. Lack of bugs is one of the wonders of a British summer. No screen door, no screens on the windows; what a joy!

  8. Toni, Steveg, Nappy Valley Girl: Screened porches. Solves a lot of the mosquito issue. They are common in the south and are found up through the midwest as well (like in Minnesota, where I grew up). Another option is to live in a semi-arid area, like the Rocky Mountain Front (where I live now). Dining al fresco is generally bug-free, except for yellowjacket/wasp season (and there are traps for those). I love summer meals on our deck. Absolute bliss.

  9. lee - you're right. My husband is convinced we should have a screened porch. But no-one has them on Long Island and I'm not sure we'll persuade our landlady....I think everyone here just stays inside in their airconditioning.

  10. LOL! I'll trade you three days of temps in the 80's for four months of temps in the upper 90's!


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