Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MidWeek Mention - A Book is Born

It’s Here!!


This may seem a touch self-serving, but what good is having a blog if you can’t toot your own trumpet on it occasionally?

More Postcards From Across the Pond is now available on Kindle – paperback to follow soon.

If you have joined the ebook revolution, you can download More Postcards From Across the Pond from:

Amazon US         Amazon UK
(both the above as subject to tax/VAT—wouldn’t you just know it)
(cheaper, tax free and a variety of download options)

Optionally, if you are a troglodyte like me and do not yet own a Kindle, you can down load a free Kindle app for your PC here:

Or you can wait for the book; don’t worry, I’ll let you know.

If I have to say so myself—and at this point, I guess I do—this book is even better than the original.  (What?  You haven’t read the original yet?  Well now’s your chance.)


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