Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drum Roll Please - - - - The MidWeek Mention

Here it is, the first ever Mid-Week Mention on Pond Parleys. We hope to highlight great web sites, products, blogs, people - you name it! (Obviously as long as they have some relevance to the blog!)

Dan da da dan dan da-a-a-a-n....

We'd like to tell you about a fab web site owned by Roger Penycate, a Londoner who has lived in the US since 2002 and currently lives in Virginia, .

Miniature Picture Cards, offers unique pictures of nearly 100 different themes and topics, They are, as Roger describes them;

"Larger pictures (up to 20" x 12") which include apertures containing lots of smaller (miniature) picture card sets".  The pictures (un-framed) are available in a variety of sizes.

As well as a plethora of subjects for the American and Canadian markets, there is a delightful Great Britain section specifically for ex-pats and anglophiles. Card selections include the inimitable London Buses

Aren't they great!

There's also cathedrals, Kings & Queens, scenes from Dickens and these great old pubs:

And lots more....

We have teamed up with Roger to offer one free picture (maximum size 17" x 14") in a seriously easy competition. 

All you have to do is visit the site here and tell us which card is your favo(u)rite. It's that easy. Come back here and tell us in the comment box. Roger will then be picking a random number, and the person whose comment is in that place on the comment list wins whichever card s/he chooses.
He's even picking up postage, so US and UK readers are all eligible.

You have till Saturday to try your luck, and we'll announce our winner in our Sunday post.

Good luck!


  1. Oh my it is so hard to choose, I love them all and thanks for telling us about this!

    I think maybe Shakespeare, followed by Historic Events, followed by London, followed by I said, who can choose easily!

  2. I absolutely adore this mid week mention. I think It will be very successful. Thank you for telling us about this!

    I definitely think my favo(u)rite would be the Shakespeare one. It is ironic that I just went to see the Chicago's Shakespeare Theater perform "As You Like It" So I think that fits me well! They are all so nice though!!

  3. Wow - what a great idea! For me it would have to be "Alice in Wonderland" followed by the Red London Buses or Black cabs.....

  4. What a super choice- not something I'd ever have found.

    I have to say, living in London, I adore the London Cabs, but my girls would love Alice in Wonderland.

  5. Great giveaway! Most definitely, my favourite is the London Buses. I'd love that hanging on my wall! :-)

  6. What fun!!
    I love 'pirates and highwaymen'

  7. Those are nicely done. I like the Historic events one best of all, though not an easy decision at all.

  8. Torn between the buses and the taxis, but I think the buses win out in the end.

    Great competition.

  9. I like the buses because my grandfather was a bus driver. I like the cathedrals too.

  10. I've bookmarked this site - what a wonderful selection. I think Old Inns & Pubs would be first, followed by Gems of British Scenery. Tuthfully, I loved them all.

  11. Pirates & highwaymen for me (followed quite closely by the Dickens charachters).

    (To err is human - to Arr is Pirate!)

    I recall my father having quite a large collection of these cigarette cards when I was a youngster in the early 60's - sadly these were thrown away before they became the valuble collectors items they are today.

  12. I'm with Sarah, really difficult to choose because they are all beautiful.

    Before I saw this post I was surfing the web and looking at London (and British) Transport posters which are a new obsession of mine. With that in mind, I will have to choose the Routemaster cards.

  13. I think my favorite has to be the Streetcriers of London-simply because we tend to think that London is so noisy today, but 200 years ago there were people out at all hours hawking their wares, perhaps by your window. Probably as noisy as today, in their own way.

    Plus, I'm amazed that a man sold nothing but housemats.:)

  14. Having had a much closer look at the site (and please do not count this as a second posting number) I think I would like to change my choice to the humerous golfers one if that is possible? - or must the choice be from the British section as it seems we have all assumed

  15. I like the Kings & Queens because there has always been a fascination for them since I was little. Its a part of our heritage.
    They are all lovely though.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  16. I really love the Street Cries of London set. It is gorgeous!

  17. The composers and the cathedrals. :)

  18. It's got to be Alice in Wonderland closely followed by the Streetcriers which is fascinating!

  19. Hi Toni - I have a blog question for you. Could you email me? Thx!

  20. What fun! Inns & pubs for me (of course) and, if I may, Story of London for Prodigal Wife.
    Is it midweek already? And here I thought it was Tuesday...


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