Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tea in London Guest Post

This week we welcome Denise LeCroy former blogger and founder of Tea in London.


Do you have a passion for something, or perhaps a passion for several something’s? Hello! My name is Denise LeCroy and I have several passions – tea, travel and London.
Several years ago, I married a man from London and left the United States to live with him in that most glorious of cities. I had visited London before with friends, but living there was a dream of a lifetime. I think I dragged my poor husband to every tearoom, tea shop and tea event in London during those years!
When we returned to the states, I settled into married life on this side of the pond and the days and weeks proceeded smoothly until a routine mammogram showed an abnormality that turned out to be breast cancer. Early detection saves lives. Surgery and radiation followed immediately, all went well, and today I celebrate being four years cancer free.

Throughout those soul-searching months of recovery my illness forced upon me a new perspective on many things…life, relationships, what matters and what doesn’t matter. I was given a second chance and was reminded that it was time to dust off my dreams and goals and aspirations that had been neglected for far too long.

I thought about my passions and how I wanted to further pursue them. I already had been a local tea educator for quite some time and although I was also a seasoned traveler, I studied to become a London Destination Specialist. I realized that London’s rich tea history was being virtually neglected by the travel industry, and so I started Tea in London tours - the perfect combination of my love for tea, travel and London.

English Afternoon Tea at traditional and non-traditional venues is a daily event on our tours, together with a combination of other unique activities that include guided walks through areas in London where the tea trade once ruled England’s commerce; visits to museums and galleries to discover old and new tea treasures; journeys to gardens and ancestral homes of early English tea drinkers; and much more. (I can assure you that if one digs deep enough - and I have - one can find a tea-connection to almost anything in London!)
We use a charming hotel in Bloomsbury as our base. It’s a great, quiet location. All of our transport is on a private, comfortable air-conditioned coach and my favorite London Blue Badge Guide, Sarah, accompanies us every day. She loves tea, and you will love her.
But Tea in London is not strictly for tea lovers as we encounter many of London’s famous places and landmarks. Opportunities for shopping are built-in, as well as a free day to privately experience London.
The next Tea in London tour is scheduled for September 13-18, 2010 and I am happy to announce that it will include an optional full-day Tea Masterclass with tea expert Jane Pettigrew. I invite you to visit our website TeaInLondon for more information about the Masterclass and about the tour.
I hope 2010 will be the year that you have Tea in London!
If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Denise LeCroy, ring 843.901.0642 or send an email to


  1. whoa Denise! sounds brilliant. I will look you up for sure.

    And great news about being 4 years in remission - go girl ! :o)

  2. Great news about being cancer free. Sounds organic, doesn't it?! My Mum went 16 yrs after breast cancer and died of something quite different aged 84.

    I just love tea and wouldn't drink anything else/ I also love London.

    Nuts in May

  3. Nice work as always Denise.

  4. That's really interesting. It would be really fun to do if I actually liked tea - unfortunately I can't stand the stuff! Well, not the way the British drink it, anyway.


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